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Youtube MP3 Player (Music on background) v1.0.2

Youtube MP3 Player

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Youtube MP3 Player – Native Android application


Discover and listen to millions of free songs on YouTube in MP3 format!

You can keep music playing while you use other apps.

Youtube MP3 Player is the beest music & mp3 player for finding and listening trending music and YouTube music videos.
With Youtube MP3 Player you can play music on MP3 format from YouTube.
Play your favorite music videos right on your phone, even tablet!

♫ Features ♫

  • Search free songs on YouTube
  • Download MP3 music from youtube
  • Share music video link with friend
  • Play Music on background
  • Create your favorite list of music

What you GET

  • Clean & Neat Code source with documentation


Download Link:!8vxTEAxC!RcJVuFG4XY2Lgsdrswcu0KDw_MpUJM_nUhafh5iBdw8

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