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WP Sheet Editor – Categories and Tags Pro v1.5.13


WP Sheet Editor – Categories and Tags Pro v1.5.12

Modern Bulk Editor for Blog Categories and Tags, create and edit hundreds of categories in a spreadsheet inside wp-admin. Quick edits.

View and edit categories, tags, product attributes in a spreadsheet. Edit all the fields, Advanced Search by any field , Import categories and attributes from Excel, Create hundreds of categories or attributes quickly, Update hundreds of categories or attributes at once, and more.

= Use Cases =

* You can view all your blog categories and tags in a single page
* You can view all the category information in a table automatically, no need to import/export
* You want to Create a lot of categories and tags Quickly
* You want to Edit categories descriptions Quickly
* You want to Search categories by Keyword
* You want to copy information from one category to hundreds of categories
* You want to convert categories into tags
* You want to bulk edit or bulk edit tags

= Free Features =
* You can view all the blog categories and tags in a table
* You can view all the categories and tags information
* You can create/edit categories and tags. You can edit all the CORE fields like category name, slug, description, count, and parent category
* Basic search by keyword
* The table shows the category hierarchy

= Premium features =
*Edit All the Taxonomies in the Table:**
* Product categories, including category image, description, and option to sort categories
* Product tags
* Product attributes, like product colors, product sizes, etc.
* Event categories
* Portfolio taxonomies
* All custom taxonomies

**Edit all the custom fields in the Bulk Editor:**
* Bulk edit product category images
* Bulk edit product category descriptions
* Bulk edit categories’ SEO title and SEO descriptions
* The sheet automatically detects all custom fields added by other plugins

**Move terms between taxonomies**
* Convert tags into categories and viceversa
* Convert product categories into product attributes (i.e. into product colors) and viceversa
* Convert product attributes into tags
* Convert product colors into sizes (convert one product attribute terms into another product attribute)
* Convert event categories into tags

**Copy and duplicate terms**
You just need to select all the rows in the categories sheet and paste it in the tags sheet. Yes, it’s that easy.
* Copy all tags into categories and viceversa
* Copy all product colors (product attribute) into product background colors (another product attribute)

**Edit all taxonomies in Excel**
* Export all the product categories into excel
* Export all the product attributes and tags
* Export all the event types and categories
* Edit everything in excel
* Import product categories from excel with all the information
* Import a list of product categories from your wholesaler, supplier, dropshipper, or manufacturer
* Import product attributes from excel, csv, or Google Sheets
* And more
**Merge terms**
* You can merge taxonomy terms in bulk
* Merge 10 product categories into 1
* Merge 10 product tags into 1
* Merge product attributes

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**Make Advanced Searches**
You can search taxonomy terms by multiple fields and using multiple conditions.
For example, find all categories with count < 10 and delete them
Find all product categories that are missing descriptions or images
Find all product attributes that are missing images
Find event categories by slug, name, description, count, and any custom field

**Edit thousands of taxonomy terms at once**
We have a powerful bulk edit tool. You can update thousands of categories at once.
You can replace values in ANY field = Replace words in category descriptions, replace thumbnail images in product categories
You can upload images to thousands of product categories at once
You can replace images with a new image in hundreds of categories
And more.

**Edit Custom Fields. Add new fields to the bulk editor**
The bulk editor automatically recognizes all custom fields added by other plugins. You don’t need to setup the new fields.

**And more.**

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