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Webful Creations – Repair Buddy CRM WordPress Plugin (Purchased)


Webful Creations – Repair Buddy CRM WordPress Plugin (Purchased)

RepairBuddy CRM WordPress Plugin which is capable to convert your WordPress website into a dynamic software. And your website is ready to help you manage your services, parts, jobs and clients as effectively. While in the free version which you can download from But with premium plugin you get even more features like reports, online case status check and print invoice functionality. To buy premium version you can click on buy now button above.

The design of Computer repair Shop CRM WordPress plugin is great. The services, products and the single service or single product everything looks awesome in its own way. So if you decide to put up and manage your repairing services business effectively. I would recommend you buy premium version of Computer repair shop CRM WordPress plugin. I assure you would not look back after this plugins usage.

Now Repair Shop CRM is capable to be a great solution for home appliances, dry cleaners, Car repairing and other related businesses. With release of 3.0 we have focused on filters so quickly jobs can be filtered. Advance filters help you to see jobs based on their status, payment status, customer and technicians as well. Computer repair shop CRM WordPress plugin is now extending features and becoming more and more business friendly.

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Video Presentation of CRM WordPress Plugin for Repair Businesses
Link to CRM WordPress Plugin Link

What kind of businesses can use CRM WordPress Plugin?
CRM which means Customer Relation Management system its basic purpose is to enhance your connection with customers. So the plugin is useful for any kind of businesses which offers services, parts and extras or any of these 3. The plugin is capable to handle your customers, technicians, jobs and give you more authority to manage things nicely.

Now have my account section in CRM.

My Account | CRM WordPress Plugin

What’s new in CRM WordPress Plugin?
Now CRM WordPress Plugin is extended to add new status and give ability for having a user panel for customers. Where customers can login and request quote or check the status and updates of their ongoing jobs.

** A slideshow is supposed to come here, go to the plugins website to view it if you are interested.

Now you can create unlimited taxes and you can also setup primary tax from repair shop CRM settings page. The further settings you can select unique tax for each part or each service. You can also change taxes during the job creation. Its highly suitable for businesses who charge same tax for both services, products and used items. Also gives you ability to use different taxes for parts and services as well salvage which you sell as extras.

The Main settings of Computer Repair Shop CRM WordPress Plugin

CRM WordPress Plugin Main Settings

The main settings shows you the shortcode which you can use in services page and parts page. The third shortcode is to put on a page for clients help where they can enter their case status and find the details of their job. Other settings like Currency your company operates with. The laptop rental per day or per week if you want to offer laptop on rent. The pickup and delivery charges in case you also offer pickup and delivery of customer device. So these settings are default but you can change them on services page as well as per requirements.

Services Section in your Computer Shop Website

Services | Single service Repair Shop CRM Plugin

As you can see above you can list unlimited services with some options like service code, time required, service cost and warranty etc. So the all services you list you can post them on a page in boxes form using the shortcode which is available on main page.

The services details which will print on the single service page for your visitors to see. They look elegant and provide enough information regarding your service effectively.

Parts Section in your Repair Shop CRM Website

Parts | Part details | Single part | Repair Shop Plugin

The parts gives you option to add stock code, manufacturing code, capacity and price with warranty and some other options. You also get the shortcode from main page to paste on a page to list all parts on that page so visitors can easily navigate through parts. The single part page also shows the product or part detail including the description and product title. Yes we have featured images for both parts and services includes as well. The options of part detail would be looking something like below please check the details screenshot.

One thing forgot to mention above the brands gives you ability to add parts of different brands. So if user want to see the items of a specific brand or parts group they can easily click and view the product group page.

Jobs or Orders in CRM WordPress Plugin
Jobs are very important feature in the computer repair shop plugin which gives you ability to add the jobs and print them. There are various options let me try to list them all but better option is you check the video preview above for details. The filters give you ability to find the jobs you are concerned about really quickly. Based on payment status, job status, customer, technician and date also.

Manage Jobs | CRM WordPress Plugin

From the list of jobs you can search jobs based on order id, case number, order status and payment status also.

  • Select your customer if does not exist add new customer
  • Case number is auto generated you can add manual number also but should be unique
  • Job details gives you option to add the details client provided about their work
  • Parts section gives you ability to add the parts as many as in that job
  • Services are also same you can add multiple services in 1 job you can change price and quantity also
  • Extras are for the items you use from your shop like old cables which are not listed in your products
  • Order information gives you totals of parts, services, extras and yes Grand total.
  • You can select order status from various statuses.
  • Payment status like paid, partially paid, credit
  • Order notes are good way to add some notes about job

Take a look to detailed preview page of the job page.

Create Job | CRM WordPress Plugin

When the work is done and ready to deliver of course you want to provide the invoice to your customer. Just click on print order and the following print page will be ready to print and get job done effectively.

Print Invoice | CRM WordPress Plugin

Other items like reports and many more features are available in the plugin you should buy plugin to try everything. Let me try to include some more screenshots.

The customers list which you can download and add to your mailing list also for email marketing about new deals.

Lastly the very good feature for customers they can enter their case number and know the status of their order.

Furthermore the more awesome features like request a quote and the customer panel are awesome things for people to see their CRM WordPress plugin in quick action.

We also have a complete compatible WordPress theme for Computer repair CRM. Please check our computer repair WordPress theme.

If you have feedback and suggestions of presale questions you can contact us.

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