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Uncanny Automator Pro WordPress Plugin 3.0.2

Uncanny Automator Pro WordPress Plugin v2.0.1


Uncanny Automator Pro WordPress Plugin

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What is Uncanny Automator

The Uncanny Automator WordPress plugin makes it possible to automatically manage all of the workflows and user experiences that happen on your WordPress site. With absolutely no coding required, you can create “recipes” that let one activity on your site (or series of activities) trigger other activities. In other words, if one thing happens in WordPress, Automator can make another thing happen.Let’s say that after an ecommerce sale is made, you want to send a customer an instructional email and unlock a new download after the user signs into the site. With Automator, it’s easy; create a “recipe” that watches the user’s purchases and logins, and when the conditions are met, send them a personalized email and unlock a new part of the site for them.That’s a simple example and only just the beginning of what the Uncanny Automator can do for you. It can connect a dozen plugins together, watching for “triggers” from one or more plugins, and as conditions are met it automatically triggers “actions”, or new activities on the site. These automated recipes can save WordPress site owners hundreds of hours of time every year by automating sales, marketing, administrative, learning, and other processes. It connects plugins that would otherwise be impossible to connect.

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