Smart Forms v4.2

Smart Forms v4.2

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Smart Forms v4.2

Smart Forms is a responsive professional Form Framework with a clean consistent Form UI. The framework includes a variety of form Widgets such as Datepickers, Timepickers, Monthpickers, Colorpickers, Numeric Steppers, UI Sliders, Google maps, toggle switches validation, masking among other features.

All form elements are built prurely with CSS3 + HTML5 (no images) and enhanced with jQuery, features AJAX processing, built on a fluid 12 column grid, working AJAX PHP forms with CAPTCHA included, and can be used to build any kind of Web Forms quickly whether simple or complex, without special CSS and HTML, jQuery and PHP coding knowledge.


Download link:!12RHzCLD!Ny92KESseO8kZM7W329FIea5KWZcZ16Asgnqtj6gdtM


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