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SearchWP v4.1.19 + Addons – Instantly Improve Your Site Search

SearchWP - Instantly Improve Your Site Search v3.1.6 Nulled + Addons


SearchWP – Instantly Improve Your Site Search v3.1.6 Nulled + Addons

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Search E-commerce Products & Orders

SearchWP instantly integrates with product search for popular e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, BigCommerce for WordPress, WP E-Commerce, and more.

Custom Field Data (metadata)

Index all content stored as WordPress Custom Fields including content from Advanced Custom Fields, CMB2, and many other popular custom field plugins.

PDF & Document Content

Index content from many document formats such as PDF, Office, plain text, and more.

Unique Visitor Insights

Log searches to find out what your visitors are looking for, and more importantly determine whether they found it.

Fix keyword search on your site. No coding required!

Now you can utilize all of the content that’s gone unrecognized by native WordPress keyword search instantly with SearchWP

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does SearchWP support multisite? What kind of license do I need?

    SearchWP will work within a multisite installation, but it does not perform a global (network-wide) search. Each site within the network will receive it’s own SearchWP installation, and search results will be sandboxed to that site.

    It is technically possible to switch to each site within a network, perform a search for that site, and then combine all of the results, but that is not supported functionality of SearchWP.

    In order to activate your license for each site within the network, the license must accommodate the total number of sites within your multisite installation.


  • Does SearchWP support quoted searches (phrases)?

    Yes! SearchWP will restrict search results to search phrases that have been wrapped in double quotes. There are some limitations however: find out more about exact match search results.


  • How does the indexer work? (What is tokenizing?)

    SearchWP’s indexer is not a crawler. That is to say it does not operate like many search engines (e.g. Google) and it does not load pages of your website to index content. The indexer pulls data directly from the database.

    For a more detailed explanation please see this KB article


  • How does PDF & document parsing, indexing, and searching work?

    There is a slightly in-depth answer to this question, so a KB article has been written: How does PDF parsing and indexing work?


  • How does SearchWP display results?

    SearchWP does not directly display search results, it only provides new results for your theme to display. SearchWP does not modify your existing search results template in any way.

    Upon activating SearchWP, your search results will display in exactly the same way they did before activating SearchWP, but SearchWP tells WordPress which results to include.

    To customize your search results you need to edit your theme’s search.php (or create search.php if it does not exist) and you can customize your search results in any way you would customize another template within your theme using The Loop.

    Supplemental search engines are covered in depth here: Setting up a supplemental search engine: step by step


  • Can SearchWP index PDFs & Documents stored outside the Media library?

    NO. SearchWP requires that PDFs & documents be uploaded to your WordPress Media library. In order for SearchWP to index and return results, each entry must have it’s own canonical, WordPress-provided object ID. This ID is assigned when files are uploaded to the Media library, and is essential for SearchWP.

    If you are using a document management plugin that stores uploads outside of the Media library of your WordPress install, SearchWP will NOT be able to work with these files.


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