AdAway The best Ad-blocking app for your Android 5.1.0-201112

AdAway The best Ad-blocking app for your Android 5.1.0-201112

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AdAway The best Ad-blocking app for your Android


AdAway The best Ad-blocking app for your Android 5.1.0-201112

AdAway The best Ad-blocking app for your Android 5.1.0-201112 Nulled Free Download

AdAway is an open-source ad blocker for Android using the hosts’ file.


  • AdAway is Open Source and Free Software (GPLv3+)
  • AdAway lets you select your own sources of hosts files
  • You can add exceptions to your Whitelist if an app is not working when specific hosts are blocked *You can define extra hostnames in your own Blacklist
  • You can add your own (hostname, IP)-pairs in the Redirection List

AdAway – is, really, a great and very simple way to block ad networks’ domains. What can be easier? You just tell the system that the ad domain is located in a place it can’t reach so that all attempts to get to it end up in failure. AdAway does it with the help of a special file called ‘hosts’ – many of you, probably, know about it. This file contains a list that matches server names with addresses the system should use to reach a particular server.

  • Simplicity. All you need to do – substitute the contents of one file. As simple as it can be.
  • Easy to implement. All that the app should do is to update the contents of hosts file from time to time. The system will do all the job itself.

Google Play Store notice:

According to the Google Play Developer Policy, especially the “Device and Network Abuse” section, ad blocker like AdAway violates the “Apps that block or interfere with another app displaying ads.” rule and can’t be distributed on the Play Store.


This application requires Android 8 or above and does no more require root.

For older Android versions, a rooted device is required.


Ads are not blocked when on mobile data connection!

AdAway will not work reliably when on Mobile Networks like 3G. You can deactivate that proxy by going to your selected APN (On Android 4: Wireless and networks -> More… -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names) and remove the value in the proxy field.

Ads in Chrome are not blocked!

Disable Chrome’s Data Compression Proxy.

Advertisements in Application XYZ are not blocked!

Follow this guide to find the corresponding hostnames and how to report them.

Application XYZ stopped working!

See this list of problematic apps for a workaround. If your app is not included fill a bug report and hope for help.

Back button in Android’s Browser stopped working!

Enable the local Webserver in AdAway’s preferences as a workaround.

Are there more hosts sources that can be used?

More Hosts sources can be found on the Wiki on Github.

Redirection Lists for blocked domains in China

Add Redirection Lists to your Hosts Sources to redirect blocked DNS requests to the correct IPs in China. This hosts source contains redirection rules for Google, Facebook, and others. (You need to enable “Allow redirection rules from Hosts Sources” in preferences).

More information?

Open the Wiki on Github.

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