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GrabCab v4.1.0 – React Native Full Taxi App

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GrabCab v4.1.0 – React Native Full Taxi App

GrabCab React native full taxi application for taxi booking.  This app is very user friendly function for your Customer.

  1. Apple Login, Apple has made mandatory to provide apple login if any other social login is present.
  2. Other fixes regarding Apple store upload policies
  3. Location Notification Card Honk Sound
  4. Fix – Notification Sound for Android
  5. Driver coming for Pickup – Tracking

4th Relase

  1. Pay with Stripe, Braintree and Paypal
  2. Added minimum fare
  3. Convenience fees are in percentage
  4. Real time on-trip tracking in driver side
  5. Driver income screen
  6. Improve payment receipt in both app
  7. Add wallet money
  8. payments and income reports in admin pannel
  9. Driver wise payments reports with filter in admin pannel

3rd Relase

  1. Expo SDK updated to version 36.0.0
  2. Documentation improved
  3. Facebook code change as per new Expo version
  4. Expo updated to latest for Rider
  5. Documentation improved
  6. Wallet.
  7. Transaction history.
  8. Card Payments.
  9. Save Card features.
  10. Push Notification.
  11. CSV export from Admin Panel.
  12. Bulk Push Notification from Admin Panel.

Second Relase

  1. Facebook Signup for Rider.
  2. Promo Code Apply.
  3. Registration through Refferal.
  4. Chat between Rider and Driver
  5. Referral bonus.
  6. Dynamic car type.
  7. Multiple booking.
  8. Commission Settings for Each Ride Type.
  9. Driver duty Online and Offline.
  10. OTP verification for ride.
  11. Supports 64 bit Android.
  12. Todays, monthly and Total earning statistics on Admin pannel.
  13. Add/ Edit car type and rates on Admin pannel.
  14. Add/Edit promos on Admin pannel.
  15. Add/ edit referral commission on Admin pannel.
  16. Show all bookings on Admin pannel.
  17. Approve Driver Account on Admin pannel.
  18. Real time Map and show all drivers on Admin pannel.
  19. Show all users on Admin pannel.
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First Relase

  1. Search location using google auto-complete.
  2. One step and easy booking process.
  3. Only one booking at a time.
  4. Live tracking of your ride.
  5. Ride alert for nearest drivers.
  6. Only Email/Password login is integrated for this version.
  7. Forms Validation ready.
  8. Smooth Animation between screens with drawer navigation.
  9. Infinite scroll and clean UI.
  10. Fully component based project structure.
  11. Billing and Rating Ready.
  12. Complete bookings history.
  13. Backend with Firebase real time database (Firebase is Google’s mobile platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality apps and grow your business).

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